NB: Please note that we are unable to help with potential cases that happened in Scottish hospitals/GPS as the firm operates under English law.

Spinal Damage & Injury

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Spinal Damage Compensation Claims

Damage to the spinal cord can have widely varying effects, usually involving some form of impaired bodily function. At the extreme end it can lead to paralysis, but even short of this it can affect bladder and bowel control, sexual function, respiration, blood pressure and the control of body temperature.

Spinal injuries are usually suffered during accidents but there is are significant incidences of them occurring while patients are undergoing surgery or some other treatment in hospital.

If you think you have been affected by negligence then call one of our specialist medical lawyers today.

Our specialist medical lawyers will consider all the details of your experience and advise you whether the treatment you have received falls below that which is expected of a competent, reasonable, appropriately skilled doctor.

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