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Possible Skin Cancer

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Skin Cancer Claims & Misdiagnosis Compensation

By far the most common cause of skin cancer is over-exposure to the sun’s rays. When people fist began to take foreign holidays in large numbers during the 1960s the dangers of ultra violet rays were little known. Now, however, sun protection creams are ubiquitous. Unfortunately this does not always prevent the development of skin cancer, and if you notice any changes to your skin, however small, including moles that are changing size or shape, the appearance of new moles, raised bumps or discoloured patches you should see your doctor

Misdiagnosis can have devastating results

If you are given cancer treatment where none is present the medication to which you are subjected can be debilitating. Equally, if skin cancer goes undiagnosed it can spread and lead to serious or even fatal consequences.

Correct and early diagnosis is essential. If your doctor fails in this duty, then you should seek compensation at the earliest opportunity. Let us help you find out how.

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