NB: Please note that we are unable to help with potential cases that happened in Scottish hospitals/GPS as the firm operates under English law.


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Ophthalmic Negligence Compensation

Extending far deeper than the optician’s skills, ophthalmology concerns itself with the anatomy, functions and diseases of the eye. It is a highly specialised branch of medical science which has made huge advances over recent years.

Remember, this is not about blaming the Ophthalmologist, but about restoring your quality of life in the only way possible

Ophthalmic negligence claims are rare in the UK, with fewer than 5% of patients suffering from unexpected infections or injuries. However, on those rare occasions when skill gives way to negligence, a patient’s suffering can be considerable.

Damage can be caused by laser treatment, surgical errors, misconduct in the consent process, diagnostic delays, trauma, abrasion and retinal detachment. If you have suffered in any way as a result of what you consider to be clinical negligence, let us know and we’ll help you pursue a compensation claim.

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