NB: Please note that we are unable to help with potential cases that happened in Scottish hospitals/GPS as the firm operates under English law.

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Hospital Negligence – Compensation Claims

Despite the generally high standards of our health service in the UK, errors and lapses do occur. Out of the many millions of hospital admissions and procedures carried out every year a tiny fraction can lead to claims for hospital negligence. This, however small, still runs into the thousands.

You may have grounds to make a claim for compensation due to hospital negligence

Incidents range from infections like MRSA, through surgical errors ( *see surgical error compensation page ), mistakes in the hothouse atmosphere of the A&E, falls from beds or trolleys, or even food poisoning.

If you have suffered physical or psychological injury while in the care of an NHS or private hospital then you may have grounds to make a claim for compensation. We can offer advice and a highly professional, experienced service to prepare and pursue your claim to a successful conclusion, and all on our no-risk ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.

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