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Hip X-Ray

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Hip Dysplasia Compensation Claims

This is a potentially serious condition occurring in new born babies but potentially causing problems throughout life. Hip dysplasia is a term used to describe a condition in which the ball at the top of the thigh joint does not fit properly into the socket. The severity of the condition varies – in some babies the ball is held loosely in place but in others it is completely dislocated.

It is vitally important that hip dysplasia is identified during routine neonatal examinations

Nothing can be done to prevent the occurrence of hip dysplasia, but it is vitally important that it is identified during routine neonatal examinations and that early treatment is carried out. If the condition passes undiagnosed it can cause life-long mobility problems and in later life it can necessitate repeated hip replacement operations.

If you think you or your child is affected by hip dysplasia talk to us without delay to discuss the possibility of bringing a claim for medical negligence.

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