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Birth Injury Claims

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Birth Injury Compensation Claims

Giving birth is one of the most natural of human functions, but there are risks to mother and baby at every stage.  If something does go wrong, the effects can be devastating.  Any medical errors made during this time can have lifelong or even fatal consequences, so claiming for compensation can be vital for gaining the financial support to cope with whatever the future holds.

Clinical negligence can have serious consequences at any stage of pregnancy or birth.

During pregnancy, there are a number of conditions that can arise, which we rely on healthcare professionals to identify and treat.  Maternal diabetes (also known as gestational diabetes) can develop and, if undiagnosed, can lead to miscarriage or problems with the baby, including heart and brain defects.  Pre-eclampsia, which can only be identified through regular blood pressure and urine checks, is potentially fatal to both mother and baby.  Placental abruption is a less common, but very serious complication that also needs to be identified and treated correctly.

During labour, uterine rupture can occur, particularly in instances when labour has been induced and is not properly monitored.  A lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain during the birth process can result in cerebral palsy.  Interventions such as forceps delivery or venthouse delivery may be necessary, but if the wrong intervention is chosen, it can lead to scarring and even nerve damage.  Even an episiotomy, if not performed correctly (or even not performed at all) can lead to second and third degree tearing of the skin and lead to ongoing complications such as incontinence.

Wrongful birth claim

Most babies are born healthy, however, in the tragic instances that an easy to detect birth defect (such as spina bifida, hole in the heart or Down’s syndrome) has been missed during routine scans, a wrongful birth claim may be considered.  This is because the parents will have lost the right to consider options such as a termination because of lack of knowledge about the condition in advance.

We are experts in dealing with clinical negligence and can advise whether you or a loved one has a potential birth injury claim.

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