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NB: Please note that we are unable to help with potential cases that happened in Scottish hospitals/GPS as the firm operates under English law.

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Medical Negligence Solicitors

We are medical negligence solicitors based in London with over 20 years handling claims for our clients who have fallen victim to Medical/Clinical negligence.

Medical Negligence is a very general term covering the whole spectrum of medical error and accident. Such examples include misdiagnosis, delayed referral, anaesthetic mistakes, inadequate aftercare, failures in child birth, poor dental or cosmetic treatment, preventable accidents, wrongly prescribed medication, and surgical errors. The list is endless. If you feel you have fallen victim due to a lack of care and have been left with lasting health problems call one of our experts today and find out if you have a claim for compensation.

We are specialist medical negligence lawyers

However highly trained the doctors and nurses in our health services may be, human error can never be removed entirely, and the suffering that can result is potentially life-changing.

On hand to help give you the very best possible chance

That’s why our specialist medical negligence lawyers and expert are on hand to help give you the very best possible chance of pursuing a successful compensation claim.

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